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This page will feature voices from other military spouses– some of them seasoned, some of them brand new. Whether you are new to the military, going through your first deployment, or have been around the military all your life, I believe that everyone has a story to tell. We would like to hear from YOU! What would you like to share?

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View More: http://ajdunlap.pass.us/rachelandalanengagementRachel is a military wife, avid reader, baker and care package maker. She and her husband are proud puppy parents to their dachshund, Baxter and their German shorthaired pointer, Ruger. She blogs all about life as a military wife at Countdowns and Cupcakes, a place where military spouses, new and experienced alike, can come for support, encouragement, a little humor and maybe a care package idea or two. She can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Bloglovin.

Her post is about the Top 5 Lessons she has learned about sending care packages.




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Meg Flanagan is a special and elementary education teacher who holds an M.Ed in special education and a BS in elementary education. In addition to classroom experience, she has also worked in private tutoring and home schools. Meg is passionate about education advocacy for all children, but especially for children with special needs and children of military and state department personnel. You can find Meg online at MilKids Education, as well as on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Her post is about creating a visual deployment countdown to help toddlers understand deployment.