How to NOT miss your spouse during deployment

Psst, here’s a secret: I don’t miss my spouse every day he is gone. Oh, I think about him every day, and I love him everyday… but I don’t always miss him. Deployment just feels longer when you miss your spouse or significant other. The emotions alone can drain you and leave you depressed and empty. One way to make it easier? Be realistic. I think one difference between newer spouses and the older ones is this: the younger spouses spend months pining for their love and imagining how perfect things will be when he returns. More experienced spouses know that even though the days and nights of deployment are lonely, their spouse is still human, and will still have all his flaws and quirks when he comes home.

So on the days when I’m feeling just a little bit down and thinking that Homecoming cannot come fast enough, I remind myself of this.

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20 things I DON’T miss when my spouse is away:

  1. I don’t miss tripping over his boots by the front door.
  2. I don’t miss his snoring keeping me awake at night.
  3. I don’t miss doing an extra load of stinky laundry every week.
  4. I don’t miss his alarm clock going off at 5 AM.
  5. I don’t miss frantically searching all over the house because a uniform piece is misplaced, again.
  6. I don’t miss the phone calls of, “hey, can you do this time-consuming errand for me right now?
  7. I don’t miss elbowing him out of the way to brush my teeth over our 1 tiny sink.
  8. I don’t miss keeping the kids quiet while he sleeps in on a Saturday.
  9. I don’t miss revolving our entire Sunday plans around getting a haircut.
  10. I don’t miss listening to him play a video game for hours.
  11. I don’t miss staying up late just to put his cammies in the dryer.
  12. I don’t miss having a fresh cooked dinner on the table every evening around 6 PM.
  13. I don’t miss the phone calls of, “hey, eat without me, it’s gonna be a long night at the office.”
  14. I don’t miss keeping the kids up late just so he can kiss them goodnight.
  15. I don’t miss having his games and hobbies spread out all over the house.
  16. I don’t miss having his sports teams always on the TV.
  17. I don’t miss finding empty containers put back in the fridge.
  18. I don’t miss running to the store to buy tobacco products or beer.
  19. I don’t miss cleaning up after his newest hobby or repair project.
  20. and… I don’t miss having random articles of clothing all over the floor 2 feet from the laundry basket!

Which one of these is you? Just think about that the next time you are missing your spouse, and you are guaranteed to smile a little. All their bad habits are so much more endearing when they first come back! At least, for a little while, haha. Anything else you don’t miss when your significant other is away?

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