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Real reasons to exercise during deployment, that will keep you motivated beyond Homecoming Day!

When I exercise during deployment, it is not for my husband. Everyone wants to look their best on Homecoming Day, and I’m over here saying, “It really doesn’t matter what I do (or don’t do). After a deployment lasting half a year, we are going to look damn good to each other, no matter what!” Every military spouse wants to look their best for their spouse’s Homecoming. For many, that means losing weight or getting toned, or generally being in better shape. So everyone sets goals to exercise during deployment. That’s why there are T-shirts… Read Article →

How to tell if you are making progress during a military deployment? Check your goals! You are probably doing more than you think, military spouse.

Deployment Goals Review. Some days I feel like I have accomplished nothing, except keeping my children alive. Heck, there are days when just getting them all fed, bathed, and in bed feels like a major accomplishment. Then I do dishes and laundry, and go to bed exhausted, dreading doing it all again the next day. Sound familiar? During deployment, it’s easy to get overloaded being a mom and caregiver. I can forget who I am as a woman and as a person. It is comforting to remind myself that I am more than a Cheerio-sweeper/taxi… Read Article →

Great reasons to join the YMCA during a military deployment.

Why I joined the YMCA when there are free gyms on base The urgency of the situation could be summed up in 2 words: Deployment Summer. Any part of a military deployment is challenging, but deployments that stretch over the summer mean that there is no relief for mom. I have 4 children, ages 2-8. During a Deployment Summer, I can’t send the kids to school, most of them are too old for naps, and half of them are still too young for any camps. Every minute of every day, they are with me. How… Read Article →

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