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This is how it feels when you don't get PCS orders.

Once again, we were waiting for PCS orders. My husband and I have been through this routine four times before, so this time it felt familiar. I began anticipating the move a year ahead of time, by cleaning out closets and making trips to the thrift store. My husband had spent three years with the same military unit and deployed with them twice, so we knew he was eligible for new orders. But for our branch and his job description, there is no wish list. There is only “the needs of the military.” There was… Read Article →

Our Purple Heart story of the day my husband was wounded.

It was spring of my Senior year of college, just weeks away from graduation. The cherry trees were blossoming, the sun was shining, and students were taking advantage of the lovely weather to get outside and study or play Frisbee on the campus’s green lawns. I had taken my laptop outside to soak up some sun while working on one of my final papers. When I came back to my dorm room, there was a Post-it note on my desk, written by my roommate. Apparently I had missed a phone call. It said, “Your boyfriend… Read Article →

This is to the solo moms on Mother's Day...

This one is for you, solo mom. There are working moms and stay at home moms. There are single moms who raise their children without a spouse. And then there are ‘solo moms’–women who are married, but temporarily raise the children on their own while their spouse is away for work. If you are a military wife taking care of the kids during a deployment, you are a solo mom. I know the days are exhausting: you get up early, feed children, then spend the day trying to accomplish one task after another, while you… Read Article →

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