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Pregnant during deployment? Here's how to handle a deployment pregnancy and birth.

So there I was, 28 years old, newly married in a place with no family, my husband just informed me that he “volunteered” for a 12 month deployment, and my doctor is congratulating me on being pregnant…..#thisisdeployment. Honestly, my first thoughts were of panic. How can I do this alone? My mom and sister are teachers, which meant they would not be off when the baby was due. It quickly became clear that this was going to be entirely on me, which was slightly terrifying.  However, after my initial panic attack and my husbands excited… Read Article →

Milspouses have to ask for help during deployment. Here's how one learned that lesson.

This guest post by Megan Harless is part of the #ThisisDeployment campaign, where I encourage military spouses to share their deployment stories and learn from each other. In this post, Megan shares how she learned to ask for help during deployment.  As a military spouse we often fit the stereotype of being everything to everyone. We will bake the cookies needed for the FRG bake sale, we will chaperone the school field trip, and suddenly find ourselves sitting on the board of post organization because someone asked us to.  However, one thing we often find… Read Article →

The rules you need to know before you first visit a military base.

A military base can feel like a whole new world as soon as you pass through the base gate. But first you have to get through the gate. Here’s what you need to know the first time you visit a military base. My first military friend was a girl I met in high school. I was a civilian who had spent zero time thinking about the military for my first 16 years of life. When a new girl joined our class, I was fascinated to learn that she lived at a nearby military base. She… Read Article →

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