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These free summer activities for military kids will keep them busy!

It’s summer, and we still have a long time until the kids go back to school. If this is a deployment year for your family, it may seem like summer is dragging on forever. But don’t worry, there are plenty of easy ways to occupy military kids in the summertime. And most of them won’t cost much money either! So if you need to get out of the house and the kids are driving you crazy, try these ideas between now and payday. 9 cheap and easy summer activities for military kids Library Summer Reading… Read Article →

Military families can save money on vacation with these military discounts

Sometimes you’re dreaming of a warm, tropical vacation… and then you remember you’re a military family and your budget will barely get you across the state line! Don’t worry, there are several great ways to get military discounts on travel so your family can plan a cost-saving vacation. Watch this FB Live video to learn more about military discounts on travel, or continue reading my tips below. Here are cost-saving vacation ideas that will give you the best military discounts on travel. Use military discounts to plan a fun ‘staycation’ The cheapest way to plan… Read Article →

Looking to get the best rates and military discounts for vacation and date night adventures? I recently wrote about the importance of being a tourist in your home town and around base. A great way to save money while doing that is by using your base ITT office. ITT stands for ‘Information, Tickets, and Tours.’ That’s a pretty good description of what they do! The ITT office has lots of information and brochures about local activities. They have discounted tickets for attractions or airline travel available to military individuals and families. And they sometimes arrange… Read Article →

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