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I created these products to help military spouses navigate some of the challenges of military life. These products are downloads that you can save or print on your computer once you complete your PayPal transaction. You can pay with a credit card or a PayPal balance. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE DOCUMENT IN AN EMAIL. When you see the payment confirmation screen, click, “Return to Merchant” and it will take you directly to the screen with the printable. These pdf documents work best when opened on a computer, not a phone. You can then save it and print as many copies as you need, or make any adjustments on your own computer. Contact me if you have any questions!

The Ultimate Deployment Guide to Handle it Like a Boss

This printable pdf document contains almost 30 pages of deployment checklists, resources, tips, and questions, covering topics like:The ultimate deployment guide will help you handle deployment Like a Boss!

  • Emergency Contact Info,
  • Home & Car Maintenance,
  • Making a Budget,
  • Resources for raising Babies and Kids,
  • Deciding where to live for deployment,
  • Care Package Tips
  • Staying Healthy,
  • Making Friends,
  • Setting Goals,
  • Encouraging Bible verses,
  • and Preparing for Homecoming!

You can store it on your computer as a reference guide, or print out the pages you want to complete. This will help you feel prepared and confident for deployment!

Cost: $9
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Deployment Wall Countdown Printable set

This set gives military kids a visual way to measure deployment. The wall calendar includes all 12 months, Homecoming and celebration icons to use along the way, and customizable service member images that can be used with any branch.

Cost: $4

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Military 101 eBook

This helpful 22-page eBook has all the information you need as a military girlfriend or new military spouse. You’ll learn about important paperwork, things you’ll find on base, common acronyms, and lots of military traditions. It also has advice for your first deployment or PCS move. If you are new to military life, this is the perfect place to start making sense out of everything!

New milsos or military spouses will love this helpful eBook that includes 101 tips for military life.The Military 101 eBook includes all this inside!

Cost: $5
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Encouragement for military spouses

This one is my free gift to you. Just click on the image, and it will take you directly to the download!

This free printable offers encouraging phrases for military spouses.