Milspouses have to ask for help during deployment. Here's how one learned that lesson.

This guest post by Megan Harless is part of the #ThisisDeployment campaign, where I encourage military spouses to share their deployment stories and learn from each other. In this post, Megan shares how she learned to ask for help during deployment.¬† As a military spouse we often fit the stereotype of being everything to everyone. We will bake the cookies needed for the FRG bake sale, we will chaperone the school field trip, and suddenly find ourselves sitting on the board of post organization because someone asked us to. ¬†However, one thing we often find… Read Article →

This is how it feels when you don't get PCS orders.

Once again, we were waiting for PCS orders. My husband and I have been through this routine four times before, so this time it felt familiar. I began anticipating the move a year ahead of time, by cleaning out closets and making trips to the thrift store. My husband had spent three years with the same military unit and deployed with them twice, so we knew he was eligible for new orders. But for our branch and his job description, there is no wish list. There is only “the needs of the military.” There was… Read Article →

These milspouse resources can help any military family facing crisis or extreme stress. Call them today to find help and support!

I have had some dark days as a military spouse. Military life is not easy. Sometimes the responsibilities, the constant changes, and the long-distance strain can be an emotional burden that seems impossible to carry. Hey, military spouse– I know you’re feeling frustrated and like you’re at the end of your rope. But I’m here to tell you that you can get through this. Even though you may feel like you are fighting by yourself, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. No military spouse is ever truly alone, because there is an entire community of military families… Read Article →

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