If you go to church, you know that it is a challenge with little ones. If you go to church during deployment as a solo parent, you know it can be downright frustrating! Some churches offer childcare for certain ages or particular services. But should child care be your primary reason for choosing a faith community? I don’t think so. You should be able to attend any church you believe in, no matter your children’s ages or noise level. Since I have 4 chlidren, ages 7, 6, 4, and 1, I knew I needed to… Read Article →

The Bored Jar teaches kids to entertain themselves and be creative. They will stop whining and saying "I'm Bored" within a few days!

How to get your kids to stop whining: Make a ‘Bored Jar’ Today’s great idea is brought to you by whining children. It had been rolling around in my mind for a while before deployment, and was one of the first things I did when Dad left. I needed a way to get the kids to stop whining. I call it the Bored Jar. I’m a pretty hands-on mom. I spend a lot of time reading to my kids, playing games with them, helping them with things. Most of the time that’s great. The downside… Read Article →

  I’m a firm believer in getting outside every day. We are lucky to live in Southern California, where the weather is gorgeous year-round. So as soon as deployment started, we rounded up some friends and visited the beach. It didn’t matter that it was winter and the water was too cold. The kids just wanted to play in the sand with friends and eat snacks. The moms just wanted to get out of the house and let the kids burn off some energy. And we all wanted to be distracted from our loneliness for… Read Article →

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