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Beyond this blog, I am also a published author and freelance writer. Here are some other places you can view my writing, which is all directed at helping military families.

Freelance Writing:

Military One Click
Military Spouse Magazine
Military One Source
Spouse Buzz
Military Wallet
Military By Owner
Military Wife and Mom

I have articles published in the March 2017 and July 2017 issues of Military Spouse magazine, plus an article in the December 2017 issue of Military Kids Life.

If you are interested in an article for your website or magazine, I can write about military life, deployments, living overseas, PCSing, and almost anything for children ages 9 and under (since I have four children ages 3-9). To hire me as a freelance writer, please contact me at Lizann@SeasonedSpouse.com for pricing and details.

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My published books and articles:

a guidebook for military families moving to Naval Station Rota, SpainMy first book, Welcome to Rota is a guidebook for Americans stationed at Naval Station Rota, Spain. We lived there for 3 years and fell in love with Spanish culture and food. So I wrote a book about it! It contains 200 pages of useful advice about moving overseas, finding your way around the base and town, where to shop and eat, understanding Spanish culture, how to make Spanish recipes, and a whole section about traveling in Spain. It is a must-have for anyone moving to Rota, and has received all 5-star reviews on Amazon. The book is available in paperback at Amazon.com, and is also available as an EBook.

An interview about my journey to book author can be found on the military blog Humans on the Homefront. I was honored to have my story featured in July 2016.

I also discussed the publication process as the first featured #IamaMillie author for MilSpouse Resources.

My short EBook Military 101 is available for FREE to anyone who subscribes to this blog’s email newsletter. The book is 10 pages, with approximately 101 tips and things to learn if you are new to military life or going through your first deployment. Find out about resources on base, an explanation of those pesky acronyms, and some fun deployment traditions. Enter your email here for a free copy.

Media Kit for the Seasoned Spouse author and writer

My guest posts on other military blogs include:

8 Reasons to stay near base for the holidays is on the blog Airman to Mom
Reverse Culture Shock appears on the blog for Military By Owner.
Why I used a doula describes the challenge of giving birth alone during a deployment
When You First Get Orders to PCS Overseas is published on Jen McDonald’s Blog for military spouses.
How Can Military Spouses Support Each Other During Deployment? Find out on MilSpouse Resources Blog.
Realistic Workout goals during deployment is on the blog InDependent
Top 10 Day Trips From Rota, Spain is on the blog Right & Up.
Singing Through the Rain added my letter “Dear Deployment, Let’s be Friends” to her Dear Deployment series.
Reintegration After Deployment is on The Sticky Apron, a Navy spouse blog.
‘Do Deployments Get Easier? Find my answer on Cupcakes and Countdowns.
Milkids Education Consulting published my article about school options at Overseas duty stations in Germany, Japan, and Spain.

I’m also available to be a guest on a Podcast. I have been interviewed on several different military-themed podcasts, and they are always fun, informative conversations.