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Pregnant during deployment? Here's how to handle a deployment pregnancy and birth.

So there I was, 28 years old, newly married in a place with no family, my husband just informed me that he “volunteered” for a 12 month deployment, and my doctor is congratulating me on being pregnant…..#thisisdeployment. Honestly, my first thoughts were of panic. How can I do this alone? My mom and sister are teachers, which meant they would not be off when the baby was due. It quickly became clear that this was going to be entirely on me, which was slightly terrifying.  However, after my initial panic attack and my husbands excited… Read Article →

These free summer activities for military kids will keep them busy!

It’s summer, and we still have a long time until the kids go back to school. If this is a deployment year for your family, it may seem like summer is dragging on forever. But don’t worry, there are plenty of easy ways to occupy military kids in the summertime. And most of them won’t cost much money either! So if you need to get out of the house and the kids are driving you crazy, try these ideas between now and payday. 9 cheap and easy summer activities for military kids Library Summer Reading… Read Article →

This is how it feels when you don't get PCS orders.

Once again, we were waiting for PCS orders. My husband and I have been through this routine four times before, so this time it felt familiar. I began anticipating the move a year ahead of time, by cleaning out closets and making trips to the thrift store. My husband had spent three years with the same military unit and deployed with them twice, so we knew he was eligible for new orders. But for our branch and his job description, there is no wish list. There is only “the needs of the military.” There was… Read Article →

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