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Here are 15 easy meals and 5 snacks that your kids can cook.

The problem: You are too tired to cook for your kids when you are a solo parent. Keep reading because: you’ll learn 15 easy meals kids can cook, plus simple meals they will love, and kids can cook themselves! Do you get frustrated cooking for your kids and having them reject your food? Especially when it is something you made before and thought they liked! Cooking is always a challenge during deployments. I am home alone with four kids for seven months, so it is hard enough to get a fresh meal on the table…. Read Article →

Use these tips to plan girls night out during deployment.

Being able to plan Girls Night Out is part of deployment survival. If you have an event to look forward to–whether it is one weekend or one month from now–then you can live off of that positive energy for a while. Social events provide a great distraction, give you something to do, bring you closer to friends, and help time to go by more quickly! That’s why I recommend celebrating everything during deployment! You should celebrate every month that passes. You can also celebrate your own achievements: when you complete a class, finish a big… Read Article →

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