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This is to the solo moms on Mother's Day...

This one is for you, solo mom. There are working moms and stay at home moms. There are single moms who raise their children without a spouse. And then there are ‘solo moms’–women who are married, but temporarily raise the children on their own while their spouse is away for work. If you are a military wife taking care of the kids during a deployment, you are a solo mom. I know the days are exhausting: you get up early, feed children, then spend the day trying to accomplish one task after another, while you… Read Article →

May is the month to honor the military, with Armed Services Day on the 3rd Saturday and Memorial Day on the 4th Monday. There is also a holiday honoring Military Spouses– Military Spouse Appreciation Day is the 2nd Friday of the month. This guest post by milspouse Jennifer Grant of the American Flag mission honors the patriotism and sacrifice of military spouses. Honoring patriotism on Military Spouse Appreciation Day To the average citizen, most forms of patriotism pale in comparison to the sacrifices that military members make for their country. The idea of loving your… Read Article →

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